Our Experienced Doctors

We’re proud to work with world-leading experts across key medical fields in relation to herbal medicines . Under our care, you’ll be looked after by leading herbal doctors offering the highest level of expertise in their field. To find out more about any of our doctors, call us on: 233 501382125/0542397057

Ultra modern laboratory

The right diagnosis is vital — not just for your physical wellbeing but for your peace of mind. When you are unwell and experiencing pain, difficulties or problems with your health, our teams use the latest diagnostic equipment and scanning technology to help doctors accurately determine your diagnosis. Kenoch and all affiliated laboratory are equipped…

Quality Drugs & Herbs

We produce quality herbal medicine from plants. Plants based products that are best, safe, effective and sustainable medicines. We also research to discover new formulations to address diseases of public health concern and other diseases that has no or few research products to manage.

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