The department was established to undertake the clinical study and also monitor the effectiveness of products produced by Kenoch HG herbal Clinic and other registered herbal products used in the   facility to enhance product development and sustainability.

It was also to help achieve the SDG 3 which states “Good Health and Well-being”. In this regard the clinic established the two broad units:

The stationed clinic which is set up at a fixed location and the mobile clinic which moves to communities, villages, corporate bodies, markets etc. to provide primary health care services.

The mobile clinic does undertake screening services and do referrals to nearby health facilities for further management of conditions that need referral since early diagnosis and prompt treatment is able to save lives and prevent further complications or further spread.

The clinic uses only herbal medicines and organic health supplement in treatment and management of diseases. Our excellent range of fine medications from natural plants are used in combination for the effective treatment and  management of the following disease conditions: DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, HEART CONDITIONS, MALARIA, STERILITY, SPONDYLOSIS, PROSTATITIS, INFERTILITY, STRESS REDUCTION, TYPHOID FEVER, MENSTRUAL DISORDERS, HEMORRHOIDS (PILES), etc.

The department has the following sections:

  1. The records
  2. Consulting room
  3. Laboratory
  4. Dispensary

The functions of the clinic are to:

  • Document important bio-data on all patients
  • Consultation on out-patient basis
  • Clinical studies on Kenoch products and other certified products used in the facility
  • Clinical laboratory services to attending patients and patients from other clinics.