Kenoch Baktafight Mixture is a herbal preparation made from local plants in Ghana used traditionally for strengthening the body’s immunity against diseases. Plants used in the formulation of Baktafight contains reducing sugars, phenolic compounds and polyuronides as its phytochemical constituents. These constituents are responsible for its therapeutic actions.

Dosage form: Oral

Active ingredients: Xylopia aethiopica, Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides, Momordica charantia

Excipients: Natural Spices

Indication: Strengthens body immunity

Predicted therapeutic actions by individual ingredients: broad  spectrum antimicrobial;  antidiarrhoeal;  antihelminthic; antiinflammatory; antineoplastic;  antioxidant,  antitumor,  antiulcer; antiviral; vulnerary, Analgesic,  diurectic,  antihypertensive, antipyretic,  antirheumatic, antisickling,  antispasmodic, circulatory  stimulant, emmenagogue,  urinary  antiseptic  (GHP, 2007).

Dosage and administration:

Adults:  Take three (3) tablespoonful (45ml) three (3x) times daily after meals

Children (12-17): Take two (2) tablespoonful (30ml) three (3x) times daily after meals

Side effects:  No side effects recorded.

Warnings /precaution: Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and persons under 12 years. Ulcer patients should strictly take it after meals. Should be taken two (2) hours before or after any orthodox medication as a precaution.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, children under 12 years

Interaction with foods and drugs: Food has no effect on this product but may potentiate the effects of hypertensive medications when taken together. There is no such effect when taken an hour apart.

Over dosage/management:  Over dosage may occur after taking a dose greater than 5000mg/kg but 1ml of Baktafight mixture is equivalent to 0.40mg. In case of over dosage, the patient is to be hydrated and symptoms managed.  Visit the nearest hospital or contact the FDA ( or the manufacturer (

Details of manufacturers:  Kenoch Herbal Services, P.O.Box 1793, Sunyani.  House No. 11 Block E, Sector 1, Abuoso- Techiman. Email:   Tel: +233-501382125/+233-542397057

GPS: BT-0039-4581

Storage and handling: Store in a cool dry place protected from direct sunlight.