General Health

Kenoch HG Herbal Clinic is a one stop Alternate and Complimentary Medical facility that diagnoses and treats all sort of medical ailments. Specialized or peculiar ailments that others find it difficult to treat, we handle it with ease. We treat/manage all conditions except surgical conditions. Ailments like Hepatitis A, B & C, Stroke, Prostrate Problems,…

Prevention & Wellness

Kenoch HG Herbal focuses on disease prevention and being in good health so we do provide screening, education, counselling service etc. to help maintain good health at all times. You can contact us for mass/group/corperate education, screening, checkup and many more.

Herbal Consultations

Kenoch medical herbalists from different areas of the herbal industry and well trained professionals who gives counselling and advice to traditional herbalist and the general public on the use, formulation and production of herbal medicines. We also provide information concerning registrations of herbal products, Herbal formulations, medicinal; plants and Training/updating of herbal professionals.

Home Care Services

we do provide home and office care services.

Herbal products production

Kenoch do produce safe, quality, and effective herbal medicines in the form of decoctions, tea, ointments, creams, powders, capsules.

Drugs & Herbs Research

We undertake research into plants, plants based products to come out with the best safe and effective and sustainable medicines. We also research to discover new formulations to address diseases of public health concern and other diseases that has no or few research products to manage.