The botanical name is Lippia multiflora Mold of the family Verbenaceae. Synonyms includes Lippia adoensis Hochst.; Lippia grandifolia Hochst. ex Walp. Common names of lippia are Bush tea; Gambian tea bush, Healer herb and etc. The twi vernacular name in Ghana is Sareso nunum .

Lippia stout woody, aromatic perennial shrub; stems ridged, shortly pubescent, simple leaves, oblong lanceolate, thick texture, dentate margin, lateral veins 7-8 pairs, bluish-green; flower whitish, sweet-scented; branched inflorescence. It is mostly found in west Africa.

Traditional of Lippia uses in Ghana

The leaves are used as a hot beverage and a tea-like infusion for fevers, gastrointestinal disturbances, enteritis, malaria, coughs and colds. Lippia tea is taken to help relax the body and enhance sleep, it is also taken to relieve stress. Infusion of the leaves is used for the treatment of malarial and microbial infections. The tea is also used as an antihypertensive, and a laxative.

Chemical constituents found in Lippia multiflora includes Volatile oils sch as linalool, camphor, terpineol, thymol and other monoterpenes; flavonoids and saponins

Therapeutic actions include antihypertensive, antimalarial, adjuvant for cosmetics (oil), antimicrobial, mouth disinfectant, diuretic, sudorific, muscle relaxant and laxative.

Therapeutic uses also include arterial hypertension, conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, lactation failure, malaria, dysmenorrhoea, nausea; insomnia, fever, venereal diseases and placenta retention.

Lippia can be made into a tea decoction or tincture. To use lippia for any treatment or management please consult your medical herbalist.

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